<p>The Steve Jobs</p>

<p>Steven Paul Jobs, one of the greatest American entrepreneur and re-inventor, founder of Apple Inc.</p>

<ul><li>Are Apple popular?
</li></ul><ol><li>Yes without any doubt, Apple is most valuable company, even there products are expensive, but people still willing to buy there product, Macbook update every single year, but people still wants them.
<h1>Steve Jobs Summaries of his Life</h1>
<ol><li>Born at 1955
</li><li>Established Apple at 1976
</li><li>Jobs with his co-founder Stephen Gary Wozniak and first investor Mike Markkula and other Developers designed, developed and published the Apple II computer at 1970s.
</li><li>Jobs was the first person who noticed the potential of Graphical User Interface, and Applied on Apple Lisa and Macintosh at 1980s.
</li><li>Jobs left Apple and established NeXT, at 1985. but NeXT didn't makes ton of money, but NeXT Computer effect future of computer a lot, because NEXTSTEP OS is based on Unix series.
</li><li>Jobs bought CGI department of Lucasfilm, and established Pixar, at 1986. which is the team made Toys Story series. He had CEO position in Pixar and 50.1% shared until Disney purchased Pixar.
</li><li>Apple purchased NeXT at 1996, bring Jobs back to temporary CEO sit of weakly Apple, and be came a CEO at 2000.
</li><li>Died at Oct 4th 2011.
<h2>What have he done?</h2>

<ol><li>First civilian computer applied Graphical user interface
</li></ol><blockquote><p>The Apple II made a garage really turn into a company, sold 2500 at 1977 to 210000 at 1981, but Steve still no satisfied, because Apple II can't be forever, and he knows, whatever how to upgrade the looking of Apple II, people still believes that was designed by Wozniak, so he need his own perfect product.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>He put everything on the Apple III, Apple III failed, very unsuccessful, so he gave up the Apple III project.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>So he gonna design a brand new computer, he named it as Lisa, which is his abandoned daughter's name.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>And Xerox wanna invest to Apple, because Apple was a moneymaking machine. Xerox found Jobs, Jobs said:" if you can show me what is in the XeroxPARC, I will let you invest us." and Xerox agreed. but they doesn't know Jobs was a "robber"</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>after Xerox shown him what's inside XeroxPARC, Jobs used the idea of GUI(Graphical user interface) and applied to Lisa and Macintosh, makes computer lot easy to use.</p></blockquote>
</blockquote></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><ol><li>The Most Advanced Operating System
</li></ol><blockquote><p>"OS X. It's what makes a Mac a Mac"</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>"Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation, OS X is engineered to take full advantage of the technologies in every new Mac. And to deliver the most intuitive and integrated computer experience."</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>The OS X is built on a proven, secure UNIX foundation. It’s incredibly powerful. It’s easy to get around. and its "Safety. Built right in." don't need to worry about Virus and Trojans.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>Nobody can deny the stability of Mac, it can be able to run 7 24 never stop with out errors, many web server is built on OS X Server/Linux, and Linux also based on Unix, not that stabilized, but still easy to use and develop.</p></blockquote>
</blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><ol><li>From iTunes to the iPod
</li></ol><blockquote><p>Back to the times of 2000, people were ripping music from CD or illegally download music, then pick a blank disc burn music into the disc. that time, blank CD has been sold 320,000,000, but population of US just 281,000,000, that's mean, a bunch of people love burning music to blank CD, but Apple can't help them.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>Developer Bill Kincaid, made a software to manage a player name Rio, the software name is SoundJam. when 2006 Jobs wants his own music management software, Apple bought SoundJam, Jobs joined to the development of the Apple version SoundJam, and named it as iTunes. comes with a awesome interface, and simplify the software.</p></blockquote>
</blockquote><p> <em>Rip,Mix,Burn</em></p>
<blockquote><blockquote><blockquote><p>Because the Rio is not good as Jobs expected, so they gonna design a brand new out of regular peoples mind. then, the first iPod is out. iPod had ability to save 1000 songs, to put in 1000 songs to iPod in 10Mins FireWire port, a battery can play 1000 songs without charging, and a sexy uni-body.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>Because pirating Music is a big problem of Music company and the artists, and actually pirating is people doesn't wanna sees thing. because pirate music quality isn't that good, but if you wanna get music you have to go to the store, you have not choose, because it has not way to legally get music online. </p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>Steve talk to the companies(argue), and tell them why he want to use 99cent per song and separate sell it. and he successes! <em>The Revolution of Buying Music</em></p></blockquote>
</blockquote></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><ol><li>Three revolutionary products in one. 
</li></ol><blockquote><p>First at all, nobody knows about the Multi-Touch screen, they just know, every cellphone cellphone company are put the Media Player into their phone, so there gonna be nobody needs iPod. Then, Apple try to put iTunes into Motorola RAZR, but its not working well, so, Apple decided to make their own cellphone.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>They had a idea of put a phone into the iPod, use click wheel to select people in contact and make a phone call. but everybody knows thats impassable. at one time, a Microsoft Engineer invited Jobs to his birthday party, Bill Gate was there too, the Engineer told how great Microsoft Tablet gonna be, for entire night. Jobs doesn't feels right, because the Engineer was humiliating Apple can't be as good as Microsoft. Jobs wants know how could Apple make a Awesome Tablet, so a not pretty new technology has been applied on the new Apple product, the Sample was feeling awesome, then, Multi-Touch was applied on the iPhone.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>Because Apple loves changing material of products, like MacBook turn into Metal. they gonna use some kind of high quality glass to cover the touching screen, they went to Corning Incorporated, they was developing the brand new high quality glass, but the project was stopped, after CEO of Corning showed how is glass, Jobs makes him to not give up project and manufacture it. so iPhone had big big glass and a touchable without styler screen.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>At Macworld 2007, he published iPhone, 3 in 1, a iPod, a Cellphone, and a Internet device.<em>Not just the iPod can make a phone call.</em></p></blockquote>
</blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><ol><li>Into the post-pc Era
</li></ol><blockquote><p>At 2002, the Microsoft Engineer made Jobs get mad. he made a sample of Tablet with Multi-Touch screen, but he applied on the iPhone first.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>At 2007, in the one of many brainstorm meeting, somebody said:"why would we need a keyboard next to screen?", and Jobs agreed with this. so the iPad just needs to design looking.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>Now, iPad is a perfect time killer, can be able to surf internet, Emailing, Reading, Playing, Watching, almost everything you want.</p></blockquote>
<blockquote><blockquote><p>People doesn't want a Laptop or Netbook anymore, they like a iPad, everything in ONE.</p></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote>

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